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How To Study In Germany For Free

  • Written by Dave

What? Studying for free in Norway didn’t make your socks roll up and down? Then give Germany a try! Not only are German universities excellent (and looking great on a CV), but as Sophie Perl explained in that article:

I think the biggest factor is financial. In the US a graduate programme would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, in Germany it doesn’t cost anything. And it doesn’t cost more for foreign students than it does for German students.

Many German universities have adopted English as the international language, meaning you could graduate without learning German! (Not that I would recommend this). Also, from what I understand, German student visas give you the right to work for 90 days out of the year.

I know some countries grant residency permits to people after they've graduated. I'll try to dig in more to find out if Germany handles this.

Dave Lister

The world's most sought-after consultant on international tax planning, investment immigration, and global citizenship. Dave has personally lived this lifestyle for over a decade, and now works with entrepreneurs and investors who want to live free.

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